Education & Reading Specialist


Ashley is patient and kind with my son and brings such enthusiasm to his learning.  She has increased his confidence and his eagerness to improve.  She is so professional, yet compassionate with children.  My son was injured and required medical accommodations to continue his learning.  Ashley was thorough and creative in bringing the most important concepts to his learning, and she was compassionate and understanding of his medical condition.  I completely trust and admire her and I am so grateful that she works with my son.  She gradually increased his workload, as tolerated, and she always showed him respect and positive feedback as he struggled.  He has improved tremendously under her guidance and expertise and, just as important, he enjoys learning again and is eager to continue.  I attribute his academic gains, as well as gains in confidence and interest, entirely to her caring and compassionate style.  Ashley truly respects each child as an individual with strengths and interests unique to them.  She adapts to the student and brings out the best in them, eliminating frustration and making learning fun again.  My son looks forward to his sessions with Ashley and doesn’t even realize how much he is learning because he enjoys it. I wish Ashley would start a school and teach all subjects because we would enroll our children immediately!

-Parent, 4th Grader


Once again, Ashley has completely changed the way another one of our children feels about reading, and his view of himself as a student. Our son, like his sister, was not reading very much at all, however Ashley was able to gain his confidence and trust very quickly, and single handedly ended his struggles and frustration with learning to read, write and spell.

-Parent, 2nd Grader, 9th Grader


Witnessing your child struggle with reading & writing is incredible painful.  However, watching our son’s progress while working with Ashley has been like finding that long-missing puzzle piece.  Not only does our son look forward to his time with Ashley, but we’ve seen rapid progress after working through her multi-sensory methods.  No wonder teachers and psychologists all over Chicago recommend her with confidence!

-Parent, 3rd grader


I was so worried that my son would never make it through high school. He is so smart, but just wasn’t meeting his potential. He connected with Ashley and she really helped him to master those executive functioning skills. Now he is on the honor roll and we are college-bound

–Parent, 12th grader


I have worked with Ashley for several years and she is my first choice to refer families to. Her approach is exceptional. She understands how students learn, uses researched-based strategies, and I notice a decided improvement in the self-esteem of students who work with Ashley. I am thankful to have a qualified, energetic professional learning specialist to refer my young clients to.

–Neuropsychologist, Chicago


My daughter has been very fortunate to have Ashley Furrow as her tutor.  Ashley is respectful, intelligent, and has a personalized approach to teaching that is very reassuring to both parents and students.  I am highly impressed with her professionalism and her great respect for each child’s unique learning style.  She incorporates differentiated learning strategies into her sessions, ensuring that my child reaches her full potential.  My daughter feels supported and confident about her abilities because of her work with Ashley.
The high school entrance exam process in Chicago is a very stressful undertaking for students.  Ashley helped my daughter successfully navigate this high-stakes process, and prepared her both academically and emotionally for these important tests.  Due in a large part to Ashley’s genuine commitment to my daughter’s success, my child was accepted at  two top tier high schools in Chicago.

Ashley Furrow is an outstanding tutor.  Her personalized approach to teaching is very far removed from the “one-size-fits-all” style I have encountered from previous tutors many times over the years.  Hiring Ashley as a tutor has been a great investment in my child’s education.”

-Parent, 8th Grader


My son started seeing Ashley when he was in 6th grade and had been diagnosed with ADHD.  He was having trouble with ‘executive function’ tasks, very disorganized and couldn’t keep track of assignments and papers, and not getting assignments in on time.  He started seeing Ashley a couple of times a week and she helped him to develop skills to stay organized and plan his assignments so that he could get his work in on time.  She was always patient and helpful with him and it was a huge help for me in that I no longer had to stand over him to get his homework done.  He is a sophomore in high school now and gets straight A’s and is on the A honor roll.  We still see Ashley (although not quite as often) to make sure he’s staying on track and for ACT/SAT prep and to help with college selection. I highly recommend Ashley.

-Parent, 10th Grader


Ashley started working with our son mid-way through 2nd Grade when it became clear he needed focused attention in reading and writing.  As soon he started working with Ashley, the improvements were noticeable—her instruction made a huge difference in a very short period of time.  And not only did our son improve, but he enjoyed himself during the process and developed a confidence around learning that was missing prior.  We are very thankful for Ashley’s help—it was a gift.

-Parent, 3rd Grader